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Code of Conduct

The Fintech Design Summit prides itself on delivering an open, inclusive conference. We expect all participants to be treated fairly and with respect, and will enforce this in the run up to and during our event.

Regardless of race, religion, gender identity, sexual identity or any other personal preference, we have striven to build a community based on mutual respect and shared experience. Anyone consciously violating these parameters may be asked to exit the event, without a refund!

If you have been mistreated at our conference, we want to know. Seek out Luke (07802745453) or Myles (07972617071) directly who are on hand to assist you. You can also reach out to us or any of our volunteer team (who will be in Tech Circus T-shirts) either in person or through our website ( and we will get back in touch, in confidence, to address the situation.

Everyone is welcome at our events and whilst we will be enforcing this ourselves, our biggest eyes and ears are you, our audience! Not everyone feels comfortable dealing with conflict directly, so if you are aware of any harassment taking place, whether it is aimed at you or others, please let us know.

Harassment includes (but is not limited to) verbal or physical actions related to racial prejudice, gender, age (or design experience), sexual orientation and identity, body size, intimidation, unwanted sexual attention, inappropriate physical contact, stalking, personal malice, blackmail, unauthorised harassing photography and sustained disruption of event sessions. Basically, treat other delegates and speakers as you would like to be treated and we will have a harmonious conference experience!

Depending on the circumstances, attendees, speakers or sponsors who are asked to refrain from any of the above will receive one chance to comply. If the behaviour continues, we reserve the right to take any action we deem appropriate, up to and including expulsion from the event without refund. It’s up to you… you have been warned!